Our Services

We recommend starting with a consultation. This gives us a better understanding of your hair history, and what you would like to achieve during the service. From there, we can better assess the time need, and quote you accurately.

We are session artists

We offer all types of hair services, but we prefer to look at the time you spend in the salon as a ‘session’ rather than an appointment.

For us, the days of a la carte services are over. The looks we create have evolved in such a way that charging based on time allows us to do all the steps needed for your hair goals. This also includes gratuity. What you get is transparency and what we get is the ability to focus on creating the hair you desire. Our stylists all have their own unique set of skills, we encourage you to choose one based on that first!

Beginning January 2022, our booking menu will be listed in terms of hours, this reshapes the way we think about our sessions together - shifting them from “services” to “sessions” where we can do anything you like in the time allotted!

Single Process
approx 2 hours
Pull Through
approx 2-3 hours
starts at 3 hours
approx 1 hour
Styling and Special-Occasion Hair
approx 1 hour
Scalp Treatments
approx 1 hour
Texture Treatments
approx 2-4 hours

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