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A team culture that encourages independence and freedom as an artist.

Commission Structure - Rental mentality

We take care of marketing, inventory, housekeeping, and more so that you can build a business for yourself, focus on what you love behind the chair, and find fulfillment.

You control your income and are free to set your prices.

Freedom to Come & Go as You Please

Work whenever you’d like. You get to make your schedule which means unlimited personal time off.

Manage your books and guest list with full access because we trust you.

Work at more than one salon if you’re happy where you are but want to try us out or if you wish to serve clientele in a different capacity. We won’t feel insecure or slighted, just the opposite! We genuinely want our team to achieve fulfillment.

Session Booking

We book in sessions. This streamlines the booking and quoting process while allowing flexibility to customize each guest’s appointment to their needs.

No double-booking.

The time spent with the guests is theirs.

Specializing is encouraged!

We encourage stylists to home in on what services feel the best for them to provide.

Be as artistic or as systematic as you want; focus on one or several areas if you please!

We always encourage growth and trying new things, but we won’t ever force you to perform services you’re not in love with learning about or doing.

What does it look like to work at The Lotus Room?

While we like to honor freedom as stylists, we are also all about business, coaching, and providing the best guest experience as individuals and as a team.

As leaders and learners, we value education and are committed to having education be the focus of our craft. We are a part of a personalized business coaching program for stylists, and salon owners called Destroy the Hairdresser. We also host a variety of educational and training classes in person and virtually.

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Contact us to come hang out and see if we’re a fit for you! (We’re pretty fun to be around).